Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is Watson? Why is it so much harder for a computer to compete on jeopardy than to play chess? Do you think this is good thing? Will computers like this help or hurt people? What problems can computers solve? Are computers going to take away more jobs? Will computers eventually take over the world? What do you think? Write 3 paragraphs on your blog that support your opinion.

Of Course a computer can beat a human in most challenging trivia game on TV. A Watson is a computer consisting of a roomful of the company's Power7 processors. Its easier to play Jeopardy then chess because chess takes more thought and time to process. It is a great thing that Jeopardy is easier because more people would like to play. Computers like this will hurt and help you. Computers will take away most jobs from people. I do not think they will take over the world but they will take away alot of things for people to do in this world.

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