Friday, December 3, 2010

Are my tech Habits Hurting my grade? To me there not because i do not text in class, make calls, or do anything with my phone. If your talking about listening to music on a computer or ipod, then there is a little problem. I love to listen to music in class to tune out people's voices and dance to myself because it makes me happy or feel better.I send all of my time texting when i am out of school. Yes, I often switch between doing homework. I go on my phone, Facebook, watch t.v, and eat, and play the game. The only way i find focusing on my school work is if i don't feel like doing it and i feel like doing something else. My grades are not effect by this because if i realize I'm failing the class, i will step my game up. No, me or my parent doesn't limit my use of technology.

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